I am a community college English Instructor with a Ph.D. in English Education. My research focuses on applied linguistics for the English classroom. I am interested in developing applications of Systemic Functional Linguistics for student writing and reading. My current research projects are genre description of community college student writing and linguistic analysis of various academic and civic genres. I have presented my educational and linguistic research with colleagues at local, regional, and national conferences in the U.S.

I have teaching experience at various levels, working in diverse environments including an urban middle school, a rural high school, a community college, and a major research university.

I graduated from Anderson University with a Bachelors of Arts in English and minor in Mathematics. I earned my teaching license in Anderson University’s Teach for Indiana program. After teaching for a year, I attended graduate school and completed my MA in English Language and Linguistics at Purdue University. After several years teaching at the college level, I returned to the middle-school classroom as a periodic volunteer teaching assistant for several years. I continue to teach English composition at the college level.

I have also been a participant in the Slam Poetry community since the early 2000s. I have competed in multiple slams in Lafayette, IN; Indianapolis; and Chicago. I currently read occasionally in El Dorado and Camden, AR. My major Slam influences include Taylor Mali, Jack McCarthy, Todd Alcott, and Patricia Smith.


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