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I am a  researcher in English Education and Educational Linguistics, focusing on understanding the linguistics of academic and civic genres and developing curricula and pedagogies for these genres. My dissertation examined the genre and linguistic features of student writing in secondary education in order to develop future curriculum and instructional models for composition education.

I have several research projects in process.

Legitimation Codes of First Year Composition
Analysis of curricular documents related to FYC to understand the structure of knowledge within the discipline and in a single course. Development of pedagogical and curricular applications of analysis. Legitimation Code Theory and Systemic Functional Linguistics analysis conducted on the UAM Corpus Tool.

Academic and Civic Writing Genres
Collection and description of specific academic and civic writing genres–e.g. rhetorical analysis, letters to elected officials, etc. Development of pedagogical applications of genre descriptions. Genre and linguistic analysis using Systemic Functional Linguistics and the UAM Corpus Tool.

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